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Have you been asked to legalize or authenticate a document? Do you need an Apostille to make your documents legal abroad? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place, at ApostilleDoc we legalize your documents and deliver them to your door

Whether you're a big firm, a corporation, or a person in need to legalize or validate your documents or to have them authenticated for any authority or corporation abroad, in ApostilleDoc you will find the solution. Did you know that not all goverment entities in any US city can Apostille a document? In ApositlleDoc we know how complicated the process to legalize your documents can be and therefore, we offer you an easy and reliable way to get your documents legalized at no higher costs or hours of waiting.

We work closely with all authorized government offices throughout the United States that legaly validate your documents.

Our priority hand your documents!

We can apostilled documents such as: birth certificates, marriage certificates, school diplomas, college degrees, patents, letters, debts, wills, criminal records, corporate documents, death certificates, letters of debt, etc.


Apostille YOUR DOCUMENTS IN Photocopies

  1. Select your payment option
  2. Fill out your personal information
  3. Pay our fees
  4. Scan and upload your documents
  5. You will receive your documents in not more than 2 business

Apostille Your Original Documents

  1. Select your payment option
  2. Fill out your personal information
  3. Pay our fees
  4. Download, fill out and print our PDF form
  5. Send by postal mail your PDF form, proof of payment and your original documents to:
    26022 Budde Rd.
    The Woodlands, TX 77380
  6. You will receive your document(s) in no more than 10 business days.

Member Countries of the Hague Convention

The Hague Conference has currently 80 Members: 79 States and 1 Regional Economic Integration Organization.

Please note that there is a difference between 'Members' (of the Hague Conference) and 'Parties' (to a Hague Convention): the States / Regional Economic Integration Organization listed below have accepted the Statute and are Members of the Hague Conference on Private International Law. To find out whether they (or any non-Member State) are a Party to a particular Hague Convention, please consult the status table of the relevant Convention.

Free apostille translation


  • ApostilleDoc provides a free translation of your apostille to any of the following languages:

    • Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Korean and Hebrew.

  • Note: The free translation is only for the apostille, not for the documents.

Documents we apostille

What documents do we apostille?

  • Business documents: Powers of attorney, invoices, trademark license agreement, trademark agreements, letters of debt, certificates of incorporation, certificates of origin, certificates of good standing, etc.

  • Personal documents: Marriage certificates, birth certificates, birth abroad reports, death certificates, naturalization certificates, deeds, wills, titles, police and FBI records, car titles, adoption dossier, divorce decrees, single proof letter (to marry overseas), affidavits, etc.

  • Academic documents: Graduation certificates, transcripts and school records.

Apostille service fees

Apostille FEEs:

  • Apostille service fee: (US Dollar)
    - $200 per Apostille
    (For any Country Member of the Hague Convention). Includes: Notary, Notary Certification and Secretary of State Apostille. * View Countries
    - $500 per Embassy Legalization
    For Non-Member Countries of the Hague Convention). Includes: Notary, Notary Certification, Secretary of State Legalization, US Department of State Authentication in Washington, DC. and Embassy Legalization

  • Shipping cost:
    - Free shipping within the USA.
    - $45 shipping to any international address.

  1. We are here to help!

    Any questions about the documents you need to apostille, we can send detailed information and instructions.

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