Amchara’s Approach To Hormone Health

Hormone imbalances can affect men and women at any stage of life and can result in many challenging symptoms. At Amchara, we work with you to tailor a nutrition and supplement programme that facilitates detoxification, stimulates energy, aids sleep, rebalances your weight and ultimately aims to regain balance in all body systems.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

Changes in hormone levels can influence your weight. Rebalancing your hormones through positive nutrition and lifestyle choices can help you maintain a healthy body weight.

Your stress hormones are finely tuned to allow your body to cope with day-to-day stress. But prolonged, chronic stress can cause your body to be in a constant state of ‘fight, flight or freeze’ mode, due to high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. If you are suffering from chronic stress your body may not be able to ‘rest and digest’ adequately, contributing to a number of health issues.

The feeling of chronic exhaustion and a total lack of energy is a common symptom of hormone imbalance.

A shift in your hormone balance can influence your emotional health. You may find you increasingly struggle with mood swings, low mood, depression, irritability, anger, panic and anxiety.

Brain fog affects mental processes such as memory and concentration. A change in your hormone levels can affect cognitive function and rebalancing your hormones can help to restore mental clarity.

Many of these symptoms are caused by hormone imbalances

Your Content Goes HereYour Amchara Personalised Health retreat experience can be designed with your personal hormone concerns and goals in mind. You will be immersed in a supportive and nurturing environment that enables you to switch off, relax, detox and kickstart your health journey.


What are hormones?

You may be unaware of the large extent to which hormones control you.

There are over 100 identified hormones in the body and each one has a job to do. They essentially act as a communication system, dictating how we feel, think, eat, move, metabolise, digest, sleep and function.

What your hormones do…

  • Regulate your heartbeat, breathing & blood pressure
  • Influence your sleep/wake cycle
  • Influence your appetite, metabolism & growth
  • Influence your reproductive health & libido
  • Support your bone health, repair skin & muscle
  • Regulate your energy stores
  • Influence your energy levels, mood & stress resilience
  • Regulate brain activity – thinking, memory & focus
  • Balance blood sugar levels & stimulate your immune system
  • Help decrease inflammation

Restoring your hormonal balance

Restoring your hormonal balance is a whole body concept involving changes to your nutrition, lifestyle and environment.

Our aim is to empower you to make ongoing and sustainable changes and access your body’s innate ability to heal, both on retreat and to your life going forward.

How Amchara can help you balance your hormones

We will look at 6 key areas to help you balance your hormones. Everything we do will be tailored to your individual circumstances and your health goals.

Measuring your hormones – we don’t guess, we test!

Testing enables us to assess the key pillars of the hormone system – adrenals (stress), thyroid and sex hormones – to identify where any imbalances may lie and help you achieve optimal hormone health.

Your Amchara thyroid test gives you a much more comprehensive understanding of your thyroid function than the typical tests offered by GPs. We use various sampling methods such as blood, urine and saliva to measure not only the levels of key hormones, but more importantly how your body is processing them. Understanding your DNA through genetic testing enables us to tailor an approach that works for you and your unique physiology.

Once we have your results it helps us further personalise a tailored health experience and plan for you.

Nutrition & supplements

Many factors affect your body’s ability to effectively absorb nutrients and some people may tolerate and digest certain food more easily than others. On retreat, we will tailor your nutrition with nourishing healthful foods which will give you the best health retreat experience for the short-term and the best long-term health outcomes.

We review your current lifestyle and nutrition choices as well as look at introducing supplements to support any deficiencies or absorption issues. We will create a Personalised Health plan that works for you.


Poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle choices can lead to nutrient deficiencies and can overburden the liver, causing toxins to accumulate.

Our team of Personalised Health practitioners will give you support to help you detoxify and encourage your body to cleanse and heal.

We also offer long-term support through online consultations post-retreat to help you on your journey to optimal health.

Health treatments

We offer treatments to help restore hormone balance, including lymphatic drainage massage, colonic hydrotherapy and reflexology, as well as a range of exercise and wellbeing classes, including yoga, meditation and breathwork.

Lifestyle and environment

Prolonged stress, lack of sleep, a sedentary lifestyle and exposure to environmental toxins can all lead to a disruption of your hormone levels.

We will help you on your journey to rebalance your hormones by creating a Personalised Health plan to provide you with strategies to facilitate restful sleep, manage your stress levels and make positive lifestyle changes.

Genetics & epigenetics

Understanding your genetic make-up can enable us to look at your susceptibility to certain hormone-related conditions. Epigenetics can turn your genes on or off, affecting hormone balance, and this can be affected by aspects of your environment, nutrition and lifestyle.

Our approach is to explore your genetic make-up through tests and investigate factors that may be influencing how your genes are expressed, in order to optimise your wellness journey.

We are driven to support and empower you to ‘Change for Good’.

The Next Steps

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New beginnings and new experiences. If that is what you want then nothing beats Amchara. From the beautiful setting in the gorgeous English countryside in a stunning house dating back to the 1600’s, to the phenomenal people taking care of every little detail. Everyone was SUPER lovely and make you feel so welcome. The food and juices are so delicious and fresh everyday. Evenings are super cosy by fire watching movies loafing on big comfy sofas. Will 100% go back!!! Thank you Amchara.

Ali, Amchara Somerset, March 2019

Went to have a real break and get away from everything, it was fantastic – calm, healthy food (delicious) and wonderful walks and yoga. Very comfortable and I feel SO much better after only one week – thank you Amchara – really hope I will be able to come again.

Garbo, Amchara Gozo, January 2019

Love the place, this is my third visit at Amchara. It is food for the soul and can be an amazing life-changing experience for those who want to learn about how to improve their wellbeing and health..

Karen, Amchara Somerset, February 2019

After a consultation with Alex the naturopath, I decided to do a juice fast, which was perfect for me. I never felt hungry: on the contrary, the juices were really energising. At each juice time, all the naturopaths were on hand to deal with any questions. I also undertook some treatments: reiki and a signature facial. Liz, the reiki specialist, has truly magical and healing hands. I am very grateful to her. Rose gave the most delightful facial. Gozo itself is easy to explore from the retreat and has lots of interesting sites, including the magnificent citadel. The retreat organises walks, but it is fine to explore by oneself too.

Molly, Amchara Gozo, January 2019

My daughter has health challenges and doing a detox makes her feel more empowered with her health. The staff were amazing, helpful, caring and kind to us. Met some great people there and hearing other people’s health challenges made us feel we’re not so alone. Does us both the world of good, gives us a break from everyday living and a reboot. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Brenda, Amchara Somerset, March 2019

New beginnings and new experiences. If that is what you want then nothing beats Amchara. From the beautiful setting in the gorgeous English countryside in a stunning house dating back to the 1600’s, to the phenomenal people taking care of every little detail. Everyone was SUPER lovely and make you feel so welcome. The food and juices are so delicious and fresh everyday. Evenings are super cosy by fire watching movies loafing on big comfy sofas. Will 100% go back!!! Thank you Amchara.

Rita, Amchara Gozo, February 2019